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Major Case Squad Using Twitter to Search for Information on Columbia Killings and Other Cases

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Investigators with the Major Case squad have taken to social networking websites online in an effort to share and solicit information on the murders in Columbia, Illinois last week, along with other cases. They say they still want more input even though they believe they know who killed Sheri Coleman and her two sons.

The Major Case Squad has set up a Twitter Page to communicate with people on the web.

Wednesday there were big developments involving the Major Case Squad investigation into the murders. The head of the Major Case Squad, major Jeff Connor, says he believes he knows who killed Sheri Coleman and her two sons Gavin and Garrett.

But there is still nobody in custody.

That's because authorities including the Monroe County State's Attorney are waiting on lab results before any arrest is made.

"Our investigation reveals who's responsible for these deaths," said Connor on Wednesday. But Connor wouldn't reveal who he believes killed Sheri Coleman and her two sons because no official charges are being filed yet.

Connor says after a meeting with the State's Attorney, the prosecutor decided that any charges will have to wait until results come back from forensic evidence tests.

"Sometimes this takes anywhere from four to six to eight weeks. It just depends on the forensics when the reports come in," explained Connor.

These developments came on the same day that Sheri, Gavin and Garrett were buried. Chris Coleman, Sheri's husband and the father of the kids, was consoled by his parents at a cemetery in Chester as he stood over the caskets.

Investigators have had heavy surveillance on Chris Coleman.

In fact, they followed him to the cemetery then all the way to Cape Girardeau.

But later in the day, investigators pulled back and we're told Chris Coleman is no longer under surveillance.

Authorities are not calling Chris Coleman a suspect.

Sheri's cousin, Enrico Mirabelli, spoke with us on behalf of Sheri's family from Chicago.

He says he is encouraged by news of a suspect, but still nervous because there's no arrest. "We're waiting to see when will the state's attorney act. So there's some anxiety is that waiting process," said Mirabelli.

Major Connor says evidence was recovered from a stretch of I-255 that authorities searched near the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.

Mirabelli says Sheri's family is just hoping for justice.

He told us, "We're just waiting for an answer, we're waiting to get a resolution…We always have one question and only one question and that is who did it? That's the answer we're looking for." We have also confirmed that investigators have looked into an alleged relationship that Chris Coleman reportedly had with a woman in Florida.

Wednesday will be day ten of the Major Case Squad investigation.

We're told they will decide on Wednesday whether to continue or disband and wait for lab results.