GRAPHIC: Red Light Camera Video Shows Seconds Before Fatal Crash

Posted on: 10:27 pm, February 21, 2012, by , updated on: 01:15pm, February 22, 2012

Fox 2 obtained exclusive red light camera of a deadly crash, Saturday, at one of St. Louis’s busiest intersections.

Fox 2 also learned the driver of the car police said caused the crash and the video showed ran a red light at very high speed, was released from jail.  He had yet to be charged with a crime.

The victims` loved ones said that had to change;  this was a crime, not accident; this was what happened when people ran red lights.

The video clearly shows a green light for north-south traffic on Grand Boulevard at Natural Bridge in North St. Louis,  when the westbound car on Natural Bridge speeds into the frame, clips one car, then ‘t-bones’ a Metro Call-A-Ride bus;  the car going so fast,  it knocks  the bus onto its side, Daionsha Scott, 19, and Morion Robinson, 21, both of St. Louis;  both back seat passengers in the speeding car.

‘All  I have is the tragic moment left in my head, seeing him with all of these tubes in his mouth and he`s struggling, fighting for his life,’ Robinson`s mother, Monica Robinson said through tears Tuesday night.

‘That`s one of the busiest intersections in the city.  Why would you be driving 80 or 100 mph at Grand and Natural Bridge ?  Come on, man.  My son never had a chance,’ said Robinson`s father, Morris Adams.

The metro van was empty, except for the driver, who was not seriously hurt.  Two  survivors were still hospitalized Tuesday night;  one from the car that was clipped, the other-the front seat passenger in the car that ran the light.

The driver of that car was treated at a hospital and initially released to police custody.  He was a friend of both Robinson and Scott.

Their relatives kept hearing someone may have been chasing the car.  Still, they said it was no excuse.

‘I`m angry about the fact that he killed innocent people in the crash.  If could take back the hands of time i would change everything,’ said Scott`s mother, Inita Washington.  ‘I think he should be pay for what he`s done.’

‘I don`t understand the reason for him driving like he was driving and crashed the car and killed everyone and nothing happened to him,’ Scott`s brother, Ben Wilkes said.

He said he`d reserve judgment until he learned more about possibility of this being the result of a chase.   Still, his heart was heavy.

‘I just want to tell her that I love her… I do miss her a lot,’ he said.

‘Every time I look at our pictures together I just break down because I miss her,’ said Santia Lee, Scott`s cousin.  ‘I want to know why, just why Lord, why did You have to take her away ?’

‘I had to call her momma and break the news to her momma.  That was so sad.  I thought someone was playing with me,’ said Scott`s roommate, Shonnique Hall.   ‘We just want to put her to rest, at peace…now she`s ok.  She`s smiling down on us.  She`s our angel.’

It also hurt that the driver was Scott and Robinson`s friend.

‘He stayed nights at our house here.  He put our son`s life in danger knowing that that`s all I had, that`s all I lived for, that`s all I worked for,’ Robinson`s mother said.

‘That`s all I keep seeing in my head, is my son hitting that bus.  My son was gone instantly.  He never had a chance,’ Robinson`s father said.  ‘He`s supposed to be his friend, driving like that with passengers in the car ?  Come on, that ain`t no friend…I miss my son.’

Scott’s family was also still trying to locate her father, Walter Scott, who still unaware his daughter had died Tuesday night.  He was last known to be in the Kansas City area.

Scott’s family will hold a barbecue fundraiser at the Quick Shop convenience store to help cover her funeral expenses.  It’s Wednesday, at Taylor and Natural Bridge, featuring ribs, pork chops, hamburgers & hot dogs.  They plan  to start cooking at 9:00 a.m.

Robinson’s visitation is planned for Saturday at Reliable Funeral Home in St. Louis, visitation is from
10:00-11:00 a.m., with a funeral service to follow at 11:00 a.m.

Scott’s visitation is Monday at the Ronald L. Jones funeral home in St. Louis from 11:00a.m. – Noon, with a funeral service to follow.

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