Bus Drops 6-Year-Old Girl Off At Wrong School

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There were tense moments this morning for the family of a six year old girl who wound up at the wrong city school after getting on the school bus.

The girl was supposed to get off the bus at Ashland Elementary on Newstead in North City where she attends class.

But instead for some reason she stayed on the school bus until it got to nearby Farragut on Sullivan.

The girl`s aunt, Geraldine Garrett, tells us she saw her niece get on the bus and actually went to Ashland to make sure she got off at the right spot.

When she didn`t see her get off, she notified school officials and police.

The girl was then tracked down safe at Farragut.

'When she gets on a bus, we expect that she would be dropped off at school and not end up at another school,' said Garrett.

St. Louis Public Schools spokesperson Patrick Wallace says the girl got off the bus at Farragut with another Farragut student.

He says Ashland and Farragut share a bus.

Wallace tells us the school bus drivers make sure kids get on and off at the right stops in the morning and afternoons.

But the students need to know the school where they get off.

Wallace says there are staff members who make sure the students get inside schools once they are let off.

'When you share buses it would be to time consuming for them to do an attendance or role when they get off at the school. Now they do have a manifest for when they let the students on in the morning when they pick them up at a bus stop and whey drop them off at the end of the day,' explained Wallace.

That is little comfort to Garrett.

She has a message for school bus drivers: 'get to know the children`s faces, get to know their names, know the parents when they come to the bus stop so that when something like this happens to prevent something like this from happening- make sure that the children get off at the right school.'

Garrett says she went to check on her niece because of an issue recently where the girl was able to leave Ashland during school and walk home.

District officials say they are doing all they can to make sure the student is safe at school.