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In today's economy, consumers look for ways to save money.  Websites offering daily deals get their attention.

But a local company goes under and now there's no deal.  When people visit the St. Louis Daily Deals website, the deals are gone.

Small businesses are great candidates for online group marketing.  Consumers look for bargains, whether it's for handyman jobs or maid service.  They`re easy to find online according to Adam Scott, owner of Missouri Maid Service, "Every morning, St. Louis Daily Deals sends you a new deal like cleaning services from Missouri Maids.  The customer buys the coupon online, and the company will reimburse us a percentage of the proceeds."

The agreement he had with St. Louis Daily Deals is after about 30 days they would cut him a check for about 60% of the revenue.

Adam Scott signed on with St. Louis Daily Deals in December, "We`ve not been paid on over 91 vouchers.  $49 a piece."

Chuck Healy, owner of Handyman Matters, has redeemed hundreds of coupons and he`s still waiting for a final payment from St. Louis Daily Deals, "Around thirteen hundred dollars is what`s owed to me. Most of it for some deals we ran last summer."

Well now there are no more deals.  The business appears to be shut down . The website only offers this brief explanation from owners.  'We are sad to close our website and thank you for your support of St. Louis Daily Deals."

We haven`t been able to locate the owners for comment.  It`s been the same for Chuck, "Our efforts and our customer`s effort`s to contact them, the phones have been turned off and emails are not being replied to."

Adam got a response from the owner, "Once he got done selling off the company, merging with someone else, they would pay us at that time."

But of course Adam and Chuck have customers who expect to get the services they paid for.

Chuck says, "Wwe`re putting together some special pricing, some discounts off our normal rates, to help make them somewhat whole in the situation."

Adam is just starting his cleaning business, "It's hard. We`re kinda in the growth stage right now, and not getting paid on that, isn`t allowing us to expand or institute our new systems."

Since talking with both Chuck and Adam we've learned the owners of St. Louis Daily Deals sent each of them $100.  It's only a fraction of what's owed, but both businessman now see some progress.

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The BBB also offers the following advice to businesses considering contracting with a discount coupon marketer:
•    Does it make good business sense? Can you still make a profit from the discounted coupons or will any losses be offset by attracting new customers?
•    Make sure you have a written, signed contract agreeing to all terms of the arrangement and make sure you have read it carefully.
•    What are the payment arrangements?  Will you be paid as soon as the marketer is paid, or are you asked to wait for two weeks, 30 days or longer for your money?
•    Stipulate in the contract the maximum number of coupons you will honor, so that the deals will not be oversold.
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