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Home Badly Damaged By Wild Turkeys

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AFFTON, MO (KTVI)-- Wild turkeys are on the move. For the second time in a week, a turkey has damaged a home in a suburban neighborhood.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says wild turkeys are on the move for three reasons, it is the middle of their mating season, last weekend was the beginning of the junior hunting season and females are dispersing into neighborhoods, looking for places to nest.

Dawne Chase's home in Affton became the latest victim of wild turkey damage. On Sunday, a neighbor saw a large wild turkey fly straight into the side of her house, crashing into the wall.

The damage resulted in dented siding and some small holes and cracks on the outside, but more severe was the damage to the inside.

The inside wall of her daughters' bedroom now has a huge hole in the drywall underneath the window from the impact. The window trim has fallen off the sill and left a drywall mess.

Chase said her insurance company will not cover the cost to fix the damage because of the specific cause of the damage.

The Missouri Department of Conservation said as wild turkeys make their way into residential areas, there is an increased chance that they can get scared by vehicles or people and become disoriented causing them to fly into objects.