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Fox Files: Revoked Driver’s License Sting

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)-- A Police sting nabbed dozens of unlicensed drivers. It's a response to a problem where drivers repeatedly get back behind the wheel without a license. Investigator Chris Hayes watched Florissant Police clamp down.

The morning started with a jammed parking lot outside traffic court.  It should be nearly empty, because many of the people inside were busted for driving on a revoked license.

Florissant Police recently started tracking it.

They set up staging areas with chase cars, while undercover officers described who to go after.

Officer Andrew Haarmann said the Judge even warns drivers in court, "Listen, if you're still driving on a suspended or revoked, unless you've got your license reinstated, you should not be driving."

Many don't listen.  Today it made their bad day worse.

Haarmann pointed out, "There's a bus stop for Metro directly in front of the Courthouse."

We saw some people do the right thing.  Like one woman who waited for a bus.  Haarmann said some drivers just don't want to give up the wheel.  He explained what they found during their previous sting. He said, "Four of five of them had a licensed driver when we stopped them.  That's just the thing about it,  these folks while they're driving around, they're not even thinking about the consequences of what they're doing.  They still don't have their insurance or anything like that."

Police brought the suspects & their cars to a staging area with tow trucks.  Police locked up some of the drivers, not just for driving on revoked licenses, but also warrants.

Police arrested ten drivers, which was less than half than they netted in last sting.  Officers hope it's a sign that people are getting the message.

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