Synthetic Drug Use Outweighs Meth & Heroin In Some Towns

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TROY, MO (KTVI)-- Lucrative drug sales continue despite new laws.  Stores keep hiding dangerous substances in packages with different names. FOX 2 investigator Chris Hayes picked up some of the latest stuff - and got action.

It`s called King Karma - a new name and a different package - but it appears to be another trick to help kids get a dangerous high.

We bought some from a store called RetroActive in Troy, Missouri and took it to the St. Louis County toxicology lab.  Doctor Chris Long found reported illegal substances.  Then Roger Mauzy and other narcotics officers raided.

Mauzy said, "After receiving your report, we took all their King Karma out of our 'Retro' store, which entailed about $10,000 worth of product."

That could save lives according to Bob Welsh with the Missouri Safety Center.  We talked with him via Skype about his tests on similar synthetics, "They overwhelm certain portions of the brain, and so instead of getting relaxed and unhibited, these synthetic Cannabinoids really overwhelm the brain and you really don`t know what you`re gonna get."

Synthetic pot and also the synthetic cocaine, seem to turn people into entirely different animals.

Police describe responding to cases, like a woman on the roof of a house with a rope around her neck claiming police were watching her from the trees and a naked man cutting himself claiming he had to get the wires out from under his skin.

Mauzy added, "And when I say cuts, Chris, he had deep lacerations on his body.  They weren't just superficial cuts."

Mauzy said officers are responding to more calls involving synthetic drugs -- than calls involving meth and heroin.  He said it's "because everybody assumes that it`s... legal to possess."

Police hope to fight this misconception and combat synthetic drugs at a town hall meeting next week.

It`ll be at Troy High School April 23rd at 6:30 pm.

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