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Gateway Helps Fight Against Illegal Street Racing

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI)-- Illegal street racing is dangerous for drivers and those on public streets. Anyone looking to get a chance to try out their racing skills safely and legally were welcomed in to Gateway Motorsports Park with their car.

Who doesn't have that curious itch to put the pedal to the floor in our own cars to see just how fast our machines can go? But you can't, because it is not only very dangerous, it's illegal.

Sean Philbin drove his Chevy Cobalt all the way from Columbia, Missouri to see what it’s got out on the race track.

Friday night, Sean becomes an NHRA drag racer, and his car, the champion speedster at Midnight Madness at Gateway.

Brian Surdyke brought his Chevy pickup truck to Gateway to transform his vehicle into a Busch series race truck.

Gateway officials hosted Midnight Madness to give everyday drivers that race car experience.

Bringing your car to a controlled environment is where you really find out what your car will do. It's in a safe atmosphere. You can certainly push your car to the limits here, but know that there's an ambulance, know that there are safety crews. There's precautionary safety netting if you have a problem. It's just the way to go.

It's a reminder that the controlled environment of a racetrack is where racing should stay, and not out in public streets, where someone could get killed.

It's worth noting that there is no contest or prize money at Friday night's races, just racing for the fun and sport of it.