List Of Daycares With Violations Or Substantiated Complaints

This is a spreadsheet of daycare with violations in the St. Louis area since January of last year. This is what got us started in our investigation. I took this list and requested the inspection files for repeat offenders and centers that had ‘unusual’ sounding violations. I wanted to know what things like ‘unsafe facility’ meant in the report. If you see a daycare on this list and we don’t have the inspection reports scanned online – you can call the State to request a copy yourself.

Section for Child Care Regulation
Division of Regulation and Licensure
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

Phone: 573-751-2450
Fax: 573-526-5345

Full List Of Daycares With Violations Or Substantiated Complaints

Aarin’s Infant & Children’s Enrichment Center 8/24/2011 Staff/child ratio
ABC’s and 123’s 5/16/2011 Outdoor physical plant hazards
Academy for Creative Ed 3/7/2011 Physical Plant Safety/ lack of heat - More
Agape Academy & CDC 4/12/2011 Staff/child ratios and group size in I/T rooms
Agape Schools 11/30/2011 Lack of Supervision
Alicia Weaver 10/25/2011 Over License Capacity
Bonnie Leonard 9/14/2011 Premises not safe and suitable
Bright Start 6/7/2011 Staff/child ratio
Bright Start Academy 5/4/2011 Inappropriate Discipline
Bright Start Academy 5/13/2011 Child Care program.
Bright Start Academy 5/17/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Bright Start Academy 5/19/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Bright Start Academy 9/20/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Bright Start Academy (Lake St. Louis) 6/24/2011 Outdoor physical plant safety
C. Gardiner 6/7/2011 License capacity exceeded
Caroline Mission 5/4/2011 Inappropriate discipline.
Chesterfield Children’s Center 4/29/2011 Child Care Program/Documentation
Child Development Lab at Flo Valley 9/2/2011 Documentation
Children’s Edu-Care (Mid Rivers Mall Dr.) 6/23/2011 Child Care Program
Cornerstone 11/3/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Donna Unger 4/21/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
The Early Childhood Prep School 2/7/2011 Child Care Program
Educare (Natural Bridge) 2/8/2012 Lack of Supervision
Educare (Natural Bridge) 2/8/2012 Lack of Supervision
Elmer Hammond 4/15/2011 Medication overdose
First Academy Fenton 10/3/2011 Inappropriate discipline
First Priority Development Center 11/21/2011 Personnel and Capacity
Futures Presch 11/28/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Futures Preschool 11/15/2011 Staff / Child Ratio
Gail Young 2/22/2011 Lack of Supervision
Grassroots 1/9/2012 Lack of Supervision
Greenbriar Montessori 11/3/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Growing Footprints 11/16/2011 Outdoor Safety
GSL 4/11/2011 Child left on van
GSL 6/21/2011 Lack of Supervision
GSL 6/29/2011 Supervision
House of Montessori Education 2/24/2011 Field trip permission; smoking
Imagination Station 5/17/2011 Failure to report
Just 4 Us 11/11/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Just Us 2 LLC 1/5/2012 Physical Plant Safety
Karen’s Kids 6/7/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Kenya Taylor 11/9/2011 Over License Capacity
Kids Kastle 6/7/2011 Child/staff ratio
Kid’s Kastle 8/23/2011 Staff/child ratio
Kid’s Kastle 9/7/2011 Lack of Supervision and discipline
Kid’s Kastle 9/7/2011 Nutrition
Kids Kastle 9/30/2011 Lack of Supervision
Kids Ahoy 9/12/2011 Lack of Supervision
Kids First 6/24/2011 Supervision
Kids in Action 8/15/2011 Physical Plant safety
Kids Kompany Delor 5/25/2011 Infant / Toddler Ratios
Kids Play 5/17/2011 Lack of Supervision
Kinder Care (Wyncrest) 1/27/2011 Inappropriate discipline
La Petite 1/18/2011 Lack of Supervision in I/T
Lavina Spiegal /Bright Beginning 10/25/2011 Capacity
Lavina Spiegal /Bright Beginning 10/27/2011 Injury to child
Little Bearcats Day Care 9/28/2011 Staff/child ratio; indoor furniture not in good condition
Little Feet for Socks 4/4/2011 Capacity
Little Feet for Socks 4/19/2011 Transportation
Little Guppy (Bryan Rd) 7/15/2011 Outdoor Physical Plant Safety
Love, Joy & Success 6/29/2011 Use of unapproved space
Many Miracles 12/8/2011 Serving adequate amounts of food
Mary Margaret (S. Broadway) 3/18/2011 Child Care Program
Mary Margaret (S. Broadway) 6/7/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Mary Margaret (S. Broadway) 1/11/2012 Staff/child ratio
Mary Margaret (S. Broadway) 1/12/2012 Child safety threatened
Morgan School 2/7/2011 Lack of Supervision
New Day CDC 3/15/2011 Lack of supervision
Northwest Daycare 1/18/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Ottie Brown 2/23/2011 Premises not safe and suitable
Pamela Green 10/28/2011 Documentation; records not maintained
Parkway Christian 3/17/2011 Director not present 40 hours/wk.
Patch Day Care Center 10/17/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Patterson #3 4/18/2011 Lack of Supervision
The Perfect Gift (Bellefontaine Rd.) 5/27/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Petunia Patch (Joyce Zepp) 11/21/2011 Infant feeding
Pioneer 7/20/2011 Staff member hitting child
Playground, The 7/27/2011 Lack of supervision, child in high chair for punishment
Radiant Faith 8/2/2011 nutrition
Radiant Faith (W. Florissant) 8/23/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Rising Star Academy III 12/28/2011 Transportation safety
Rising Star Learning Center 12/28/2011 Transportation safety
Rising Star Learning Center II 12/28/2011 Transportation safety
Sacred Hearts (N. McDonald) 4/18/2011 Capacity
Sandra Holloway 3/2/2011 Child care program
Sarah Bohn 7/29/2011 Outdoor physical plant safety
Sherry Walton 3/21/2011 Over license capacity
Spirit & Truth* 7/17/2012 Unsupervised Child / Seat Belts
Stepping Stone (O'Fallon) 9/30/2011 Staff/child ratios
Stepping Stone (St. Peters) 1/27/2011 Infant/toddler staff/child ratio
Stepping Stones (O’Fallon) 6/23/2011 Staff/child ratio
Stepping Stones (O’Fallon) 7/8/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Stepping Stones (St. Peters) 12/6/2011 Furniture and Equipment not in good condition
STL Collaboration 9/29/2011 Transporting without restraints, no supplies restroom
Strawberry School of Bridgeton 10/4/2011 Lack of Supervision/Transportation
Strawberry School of Bridgeton 1/10/2012 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Sunshine 12/1/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Superkids 7/12/2011 Inappropriate discipline
Teacher’s Loving Children 7/27/2011 Lack of Parent Permission for Field Trip
Tendercare 445 Candlelight 5/24/2011 Infant feeding/child fed another child’s bottle
Tendercare Learning Center (New Halls Ferry) 11/14/2011 Child Care Program
Tendercare-Midland 7/22/2011 Indoor temperature/air conditioning broken
The Early Childhood Prep School 2/7/2011 Child Care Program
The Perfect Gift (Bellefontaine Rd.) 5/27/2011 Parent not notified of accident/injury
Tiny Tots 11/7/2011 Physical Plant Safety
United Services (Old Mill Parkway) 11/8/2011 Outdoor equipment not safe
Urban Sprouts 7/19/2011 Lack of Supervision
Watch Us Grow 11/10/2011 Staff / Child Ratio
Webster Child CC 8/12/2011 Ratios
Wiggle Wobble 4/27/2011 Staff / Child Ratio
Wondering Minds 8/8/2011 Child records and transportation without parent permission
YMCA - Minier 8/30/2011 Staff being rough with child
YMCA Monroe Elem. 8/22/2011 Lack of Supervision
Young Hearts Learning Center 5/23/2011 Physical Plant Safety
Young Hearts Learning Center 8/31/2011 Sanitation
YWCA Pagedale Head Start 3/2/2011 Lack of Supervision

*This is a facility considered "license exempt" because it is part of a church.  This letter exists because MO State inspectors followed up on a complaint, but there will be no 'follow up' inspection and the facility is not on a regular inspection schedule.

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