Missing Mississippi River Swimmer Found By Tug Boat

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An alert tug boat operator pulled a man out of the cold quick current of the Mississippi River Tuesday night.

Witnesses saw the man get into the water on the south end of Lenore K. Sullivan and quickly get pushed out into the middle of the river.

Two witnesses shared their cell phone video with us. You can see the man walks along the edge of the water and then walks in.

In a matter of moments the man was in the middle of the Mississippi River and overwhelmed.

By then witnesses had already called 911.

The St. Louis Fire Department responded with two rescue boats, but it was a tug boat operator who intercepted the rescue and pulled the man to safety.

The fire department says the victim was in his 20s and told them he was going swimming.

Witnesses like William Schaefer were impressed with the speed of the rescue mission, “The speed and quickness of the rescue boats getting down here, fire engines were one thing, but the rescue boats were there lickidy split and that was the most essential piece to get that man out of the water.”

The victim is expected to be alright. He is at an area hospital undergoing an evaluation.

According to the St. Louis Fire Department's Captain Dan Sutter, "We don't recommend swimming in the Mississippi River."