Restaurant Owner Healing Broken Hearts With Pujols Lemonade

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CRESTWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Nearly half a year has past and Albert Pujols is still the hot topic around the lunch counters of St. Louis.  

Many still have a sour taste in their mouths from the way he left town.

"Absolutely it leaves a sour taste in your mouth," says customer Noel Zimmerman.

The owner of King Edwards Chicken in Crestwood wants to heal the hearts of Cardinal Nation.  Randy Shore is offering a lemon Freeze dessert at the price of  Pujols' daily batting average.  Today's tasty treat went for $2.13.

"The Pujols' lemon freeze is as cold as Albert's bat," says Shore.

Randy Shore hopes Albert's bat will awaken so he can return to making a profit selling his dessert.  
But for now customers will just have to pay the price of Albert's disappointing batting average.