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Contact 2: Microsoft Scam

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A south St. Louis family actually came close to losing control of their PC and everything stored in it.

A call to Tammy Numerosi's  cell phone almost did the family in.  The mother and her son tell Contact 2 the caller used the trusted name of software giant Microsoft.

Andrew Numerosi uses his computer daily and he knows there are certain things you must do to avoid a virus and hackers.  But he said a recent phone call from a man claiming to work for Microsoft sounded legitimate.  The caller said Andrew's computer had a virus that needed to be removed.  If he had followed the caller's instructions, Andrew says he would have actually given cyber thieves control of his computer.

"They said go to this website and download this program to get rid of the virus. And I thought why would I go to a non-Microsoft site to download something from Microsoft?" 

He was instructed to go to is ammyy.com.    DO NOT go to this site.    Andrew held the caller on the phone while he quickly Googled the site with the word 'review' after the IP address.  He could clearly see this was a scam and told the caller what he just saw.  The man on the end of the phone quickly hung up.  Microsoft is aware of the scam calls. 

Their advice to consumers according to a Microsoft spokesperson: Treat callers as you would treat strangers on the street.  Do not disclose personal or sensitive information to any one you do not know.   Unfortunately this is not the first scam of its kind, and it`s unlikely to be the last. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is by being aware of the threat.

Consumers should also ensure the copy of Windows they are running is genuine and fully up to date, while ensuring they have installed legitimate software will guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It's highly unlikely Microsoft is going to call you about a software problem.  

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