Police Rule Deaths a Murder-Suicide In Metro East

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI)--   East St. Louis Police and Illinois State Police say a husband and wife found dead inside a home Friday were the victims of a murder- suicide. Investigators say both Antoinette Blanton and Bennie Thompson died from a single gunshot wound. They say Blanton was shot by her husband.  Thompson then turned the gun on himself. Relatives discovered their bodies .

The coulpe's two young children ages 1 and 3 were found alive inside the home. They were taken to the hospital but both are physically fine and in the care of family members.

Relatives, concerned about the couple when they had not heard from them, went to the home in the 600 block of North 23rd St. in East St. Louis Friday afternoon.  They found the couple's one year old daughter and three year old son covered in blood.  The bodies of the parents were in the kitchen.

The two had been last seen at the Morning Star Baptist Church on Wednesday.  They come from a large, extended family many of whom arrived at the home to find out what had happened.

The children were taken to a local hospital and examined.  East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Flores said Friday they were fine even though they had  not had anything to drink for a day or two.