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Second Good Samaritan Fixes Countrywide Shingle & Siding Mistakes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Louis roofing contractor steps in to clean up a mess left by an out of town outfit.  Local homeowners paid thousands of dollars for nothing.
Contact 2 has another follow-up on the victims.

The number of victims in the St. Louis area is alarming.  It's really sad that those we talked with tell the same story.  But a local roofer is determined to see the story end on a positive note.

Tim Taylor says his 84-year-old grandmother who lives in Overland was a victim of the now defunct business, Countrywide Shingle and Siding from Denver.  Taylor says his grandmother signed a contract with Countrywide last June.

"They obtained the check. And very much in contact up until they got the money. Once they got the money they would never set an actual date for when they were going to be out."

In March we told you about the immigrant family and the young couple who signed with Countrywide.

Now its June. David Gordan owner of St. Louis' Rhino Development and Roofing LLC steps up to help a homeowner who wanted no publicity as well as  Taylor`s grandmother.
'I`ve been blessed with this business, and some success. And I just felt like it was my duty to reach out and serve here. '

Supplier R-S-G and manufacturer Certainty have helped Rhino pull this together.  That makes Taylor`s family happy. 'Never in any dream that we thought that we'd have a company that would be that reputable, and that respectful for others to step up and actually do the job.'

Spring storms hit St. Louis hard. That attracts some good and some not so good out of town roofers according to David.

'Many companies out there will just come into town, and they`ll quickly create an office, and make themselves look like a local company.'

Rhino's crews always show proof of insurance, registration with the Secretary of State, the BBB report and references.

'If they`re working in the roofing, hail damage, storm damage restoration business, they should have a lot of references.'

When you do your homework your project gets an "A" plus. Contact the Better Business Bureau, the Secretary of State's office and don't forget to ask for credentials from any contractor you think you might hire.  Appropriate links are below.

If you have consumer issues call our volunteers Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm. The number is 800 782-2222.

Missouri Secretary of State Office

St. Louis Better Business Bureau

Rhino Development and Roofing LLC