FOX Files: Fake Cop May Have Evaded Ticket

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UPLANDS PARK, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Louis man reportedly pretended to be a police officer to get out of a ticket.  But the bigger concern may be the city that allowed it to happen.  Investigator Chris Hayes tried getting to the bottom of how a troubled police department, Uplands Park, allowed a badge into the wrong hands.

The FOX Files has exposed Uplands Park repeatedly for allowing fake police officers to patrol.  In fact, three men face trial this fall, including Lamont Aikens, for unlicensed police activity in the Village.

Now we`ve learned another former Uplands Park employee flashed a Uplands Park Police badge and a police ID when he was the passenger in a reported reckless vehicle stopped in Hillsdale.  Terry Jones reportedly claimed to be an officer, yet state regulators report he`s never been licensed.

To top it off, former trustee Kenneth Williams reportedly vouched for Jones by showing up on the scene and signing some documents. 

Hayes asked Williams, "Are you concerned that somebody has a badge and an ID and they're not a licensed police officer?

Williams responded, "Chris, I`m not going to play the game. I`m not going to play these news games."

Hayes, "Just answer the question."

Williams, "I'm not going to play these games."

Hayes, "What's the game?"

Williams, "There goes the chairman right there. There go the chairman."

An unidentified woman told Williams, "Calm down.  Calm down."

It seemed strange that he wanted the chairman to answer, because Henry Iwenofu called for a County Police investigation.

I asked Chairman Iwenofu, "Why would somebody from Uplands Park vouch for an unlicensed officer?"

Iwenofu responded, "That defies logic.  I don`t understand why an elected official would do such a thing."

So I went back to former Trustee Williams.

He said, "I didn`t give (the badge) to him so."

(Hayes) "So why did you show up and vouch for him?"

(Williams) "I didn't show up and vouch for him."

(Hayes) "Who`s signature is this?"
(Williams) "Regardless that's my sig... I`m a city official, but I didn`t vouch for him."

(Hayes) "What were you doing there?"

(Williams) "That`s not your concern."

The badge is now back in village hall as Uplands Park now has yet another police chief who promises to clean up the city.


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