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Pay It Forward: Jane Raphael

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GRANITE CITY, IL. (KTVI) - Every church should have someone like the woman you're about to meet,   someone who volunteers for everything and asks for nothing except god's blessing in return.

As FOX2's Elliot Weiler found out other church members recognize that commitment and so do we.

With our pay it forward award.

She`s here six and seven days a week and she`s always ready to help someone.

So it's no surprise that we find Jane Raphael in the kitch of the Third Baptist Church in Granite City.

Fellow church member Laura Duckworth nominated Jane for our Pay It Forward award.

She works with our food ministries, our food pantry, our Bread of Life meals every Wednesday.

Jane's commitment to these ministries runs deep.

Much of the work she does alone and when it comes to interacting with community members who rely on the food pantry and community dinners to fight hunger, they're more than just faces to Jane.

She knows everyone who comes into the meals, the food pantries, she gets to know everyone and you see her laugh with them and cry with them.

And most importantly, she also helps them, no questions asked. That's why Laura wants to Pay It Forward.

OK Laura, thank you for the nomination, on behalf of FOX2 News and American Equity Mortgage, we`ve like to PIF.  If you hold out your hand I will count out one, two, three, four, five hundred dollars.  Pay it forward! Thank you.

We surprise Jane in her church office.

Jane, Hi, on behalf of FOX 2 News and AEM, we`d like to Pay It Forward to you.  Hold out your hand 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Congratulations!  Well, you know what this will mean.

The money is barely in her hands and Jane is already thinking about all the good it will do.
I talk to people that come in that have needs with rent or water problems or transportation or sometimes medical that we can help with co-pay, that kind of thing.

And it's all done with very few questions and absolutely no judgments are made. Everyone is welcome at the Third Baptist Church.

Jane wouldn't have it any other way.

I just feel so blessed to have the opportunity to reach out to these people.

If there`s someone in your life who volunteers and really asks for nothing in return, who just keeps giving back, we`d like to know at Pay It Forward.  You can find the nomination form for our award online at FOX 2 Now dot com.

In Granite City, Elliot Weiler, FOX2 News.