Dry Hot Weather Means Slow Fireworks Sales

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ST. CHARLES, MO. (KTVI) - With fireworks shows being canceled and bans in place, many are wondering about their own personal firework shows.  FOX2 Multi Media Journalist Jonathon Davis talked to organizers of some of those road side firework stands and has more details about their sales.

“Been pretty quiet hopefully it will step up.”

The heat and dry weather has been anything but a boom for local firework retailers.

“We had bad luck the past few years it seems like it’s rained on the 3rd and 4th every year.”

And ironically they are hoping for rain now.

“It would definitely help us at this point.”

“Yea normally we don`t want rain but this year it’s different.”

“Yea the weather has gone from it`s the variable you have no control over it goes from nothing but rain and now to extreme heat.”

St. Charles retailers have a 10 day window to sell their goods and this year, most are just hoping to break even.

“Break even yea you got a lot of money invested this between permits tents product.”

Product that if it does not sell there simply stuck with.

“Our biggest days are the 3rd and 4th so until then hopefully we can get things going still.”

Jonathon Davis FOX 2 NEWS.