Happy Birthday, IPhone

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(KTVI) - It's been five years since the first true smartphone hit the marketplace and virtually changed the way we receive and exchange information.  Apple made it's IPhone available June 29, 2007 to hundreds who lined up outside AT&T stores to get their hands on one.

The original IPhone launched on AT&T  in 2007 with a handful of Apple-created apps. The price was $499 for the 4G & $599 for the 8G.

The second generation came in 2008 with the  App Store and IOS 2.0. Now the app store was the big story there because now it houses more than half-a-million apps and there have been more than 18 billion downloads so far.

But then IPhone 4 was released in 2010 and added to the Verizon Newtork in January 2011 making it an even bigger seller.

In October of 2011, IPhone 4S was released. People had hoped it would be the IPhone 5, but the cool addition of SIRI, or the voice controlled virtual assistant was a big hit.

Last quarter Apple reported selling 35 million IPhones and to date, the company has sold nearly 250 million world wide. Now there are rumors in the tech world that IPhone 5 will be released mid to late 2012.

Steve Jobs would be proud.