You Paid For It: MSD’s London Contract

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(KTVI) - On this You Paid For It MSD under fire for award a contract that may be as much as $40 Million to $50 Million Dollars to a company based in London.
In doing so the Agency passed over St. Louis Engineering Firms.
This is after St Louis area voters handed MSD a Huge rate hike to pay for work ordered by the federal government.
 MSD was director to make $4.7 Billion in improvements to it's system over the next 23 years. Voters approved prop Y to help the agency do that job.
 Many figured on a lot of local jobs being generated from all that.
That's why many couldn't understand the agency decision to snub St. Louis Engineering Firms
Investigator Elliott Davis caught up with MSD's spokesman to get an explanation on this deal.
 Lance Lacomb said the London based firm has an office in St. Louis and will hire local workers for the job.
He insisted the firm was the most qualified.
 But St. Louis Engineering firms that have done work for MSD are privately howling! According to an article in the St. Louis Business Journal they're not talking publicly for fear of hurting future business.
  MSD Watchdog Tom Sullivan calls in a slap in the face to rate payers who agreed to give MSD a $900 Million dollars rate increase to have this much work go to a London Based Firm while  qualified companies right here in St. Louis need the work.
 But the controversy seems to have gotten MSD's attention. On Tuesday the Agency Staff plans to talk to the MSD Board of Trustees about a policy going forward that may preclude MSD from doing business with foreign firms.
I'll keep you posted.