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Illinois Woman Abandons Daughter Outside Bar

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CARYVILLE, TN. (CNN) - An Illinois woman who left her mentally disabled daughter outside a Tennessee bar cannot be charged with a crime, according to police.
Officials say 19-year-old Lynn Cameron had not been assigned to a legal guardian.
Eva Cameron says she did not abandon her daughter.

Well I didn't get the help I needed from Illinois. Someone from the church said why don't you go down to Tennessee, that's a good health care system. So I went down there and tried to close out my daughter’s social security bank up north and try to establish it in the south but I detoured and got lost. And then she became a Jane Doe and it wasn't supposed to happen that way. So it was sort of a glitch and hoopla over nothing.
Reporter: When people saw that though, they thought how could a parent leave their kid at a bar?

Well, the other one, I was saying, we didn't know it was a bar, we just thought it was, she just needed to go to the bathroom. We don't drink. It's all a misunderstanding and hoopla over nothing.   

Court papers described Lynn as a "severely disabled adult, suffering from profound mental deficits, and is unable to care for herself or her personal needs."

Her mother told the court she "could not and would not care for" her daughter.