Special Day For 13 Year Old At American Idol Tour

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DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - American Idol fans swarmed to the Scottrade Center for the "American Idol Live Tour" Wednesday night.  Including one 13-year old that received the thrill of a lifetime before the show.

Grace Stephens lost her mother in a hiking accident in Hawaii back in January.  The promoters of the American Idol Live Tour heard about it and thought tonight, they could make her smile again.

Fans lined up in the parking garage at Scottrade Center hours before the American Idol Live Tour concert to see if they could catch a glimpse of one of their favorites and even get an autograph.

"It's so cool to see that. To see the support in cities that you've never been in. It's crazy."

"It's really fun cause they could see us through the windows of the bus. It's really fun to see them, and see all the support you're getting even before the show."

Among them was 13-year old Grace Stephens who arrived at one o'clock in the afternoon, sweating out the heat with the other idol fans until one of the singers came to the rescue.

"A couple minutes later he came back out with water bottles and he just said, 'If anyone needs some water, here's some.' And it was really sweet."

"It was really hot outside, and they were thirsty. So I went back to the kiosk, got some water, and got it to them."

But that was just the beginning of Grace's good day, a few hours before show time; Grace's aunt received a phone call.

"They were talking to my aunt, and they said that they got us VIP tickets to go meet all of them. And that was really really exciting."

Grace met all 10 idol finalists, including her favorite.

"My favorite has always been Colton. And so I got to meet him. And that's what I was most excited for. Yeah, so that was definitely my favorite."

It's been a painful year for Grace and her family, after losing her mother in a tragic hiking accident back in January.

This chance to meet stars from her favorite television show provided her with a moment to just be a teenager again and flash her big smile.

"Exciting. One of the best days ever."

Grace said all the idol finalists were very nice to her, but especially, Phillip Phillips, who told Grace she had a beautiful name.