Parents On Alert After Man Tries To Lure Child Into Car

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PEVELY, MO (KTVI)-- A "stranger danger" alert for parents in Pevely after a man tries to lure a 9-year-old girl into his car.

Brandy Clark is on high alert after her daughter was approached Thursday night at the Taco Bell on Highway Z by a white male between 40 and 50 years old. He was driving a silver 1990`s Buick or Oldsmobile. He tried to lure her into his car with a red and blue teddy bear. All of this happened while the family was leaving the restaurant.

“My daughter was heading to the driver’s side of the vehicle and went to get in and that`s when the guy pulled up right behind them blocking them and held up a red and blue teddy bear,” said Brandy.

The 9 year old whose identity we're protecting says it was a scary experience but she knew exactly what to do. The kids started to yell and the man drove off.

"This man came up with this red and blue Cardinals teddy bear and stuff," stated Brandy. "He said come here little girl, come here, come here. I was really scared and kinda upset.”

He was spotted minutes later at a nearby Mc Donald's acting erratically. That`s where he was arrested.  Police say the unnamed man has some form of mental illness.

“The guy was at the road waving his arms flipping people off going off on them,” said Brandy. “If he`s that messed up in the head he should be in a mental institution to where somebody has eyes on him 24-7.”

Pevely police say they`re taking the case seriously and plan to resolve it as soon as possible. The man has since been released to the custody of his family. So far no charges have been filed. Warrants are expected and evidence will go to Jefferson County prosecutors.

In the mean time Brandy will keep close eye on her daughter and hope other parents hear her warning.

“It`s scary. It`s a nervous wreck. It’s not a good world out there anymore,” said Brandy.

While working on this story we found out about another attempted abduction in the Pevely area last Sunday. So far no word on if the two cases are related.