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Church Youth Project Making St. Louis Better Place

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Hundreds of young people from all of the U.S. are spending part of their summer in St. Louis.  It's called "Group Week Of Hope".

Volunteer Coordinator Leah Holle of Maplewood, Minnesota says "Why St. Louis?  Well we had a person here in the community that thought there was a need and connected with our organization group mission trips to create a mission trip to help those in St. Louis".

About 50 kids each week spend time at 15-20 locations throughout the area.

"I have 7 weeks of kids coming in and they come in on Sunday, leave on Friday morning.  They come from all across the nation and they just come in to serve for a week and then head back home Friday morning".

Volunteer Kelsey Lansky of Grand Haven, Michigan says "We helped out w the garden over there, and I could be helping with the little kids."

Volunteer Isabel Andrini of Grand Haven, Michigan says "It was, the whole garden was full of weeds the church, we cleaned out the fountain, we're helping with child care so it wasn't a wreck, but it was pretty bad".

Holle adds "They do know they're making a difference.  You can see it when they're working when they come back just full of energy and want to come back to share their experiences they have at the work sites".

Those that receive the help are grateful.

Becky Stear of Southwest Church of the Nazarene in South St. Louis says "If they weren't here, our children would not have a swing set that's being built, our community garden wouldn't be here, our church would be in much disrepair ."

Glen Seibold asks Andrini "You making a difference, you think"?  Her answer? "Yea, big difference actually".


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