Metro’s Most Wanted Update: Sex Offender On The Run Busted

County police are sharing another Metro's Most Wanted success story with us.  We showed you Angelo Little, a registered sex offender who had done unspeakable things to a nine year old girl, then allegedly violated his parole.  That happened with a weapons violation.

One of your calls to Crimestoppers led to him being picked up in Overland on Friday the 13th.  Unlucky for him, but maybe a good day for the rest of us.

Below is the original story:

In St. Louis County police are searching for Angelo Antwon Little.  He`s a sex offender who cops say has failed to register for the second time.  He`s also facing a parole violation on an out of state weapons charge.

Police say he was originally convicted for sodomizing and molesting a 9 year old.  Cops say he has no address. He stays with friends and family when he can.  Right now he`s out on the street and police want to find him fast.

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