Lindell Fire Victim Reunites With Pet

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ST. LOUIS,MO (KTVI)-- A huge frenzy during and after the 5-alarm apartment fire, a lot of tenants worried about their pets left inside the burning building.

SLU law graduate Gina Schneider has owned her dog Nora for about 3 months.

Not only was she upset about the loss of her apartment at the 3949 building on Lindell, she was also upset about the thought of losing her dog. Luckily for Schneider, she got word hours after the fire that Nora, who was recently rescued from an abusive puppy mill, was rescued a second time when fire crews pulled her out of the burning building.

"She needs more time to continue learning,” said Schneider. “She's already come so far. I just want her to keep going."

The Humane Society of Missouri on Macklin offered up space for all of the pets found at the 5-alarm fire. Owners were notified of their pets’ status and were quickly reunited.

"There are people whose job is to care about the dog and to handle stressed out pet owners like myself," said Schneider.

Schneider is planning to move into another apartment and is currently living with friends until her new place is ready. The Humane Society says at least 6 pets have been rescued and will take all others recovered from the fire.

"I was being very positive. I was very relieved I had been hoping that she was ok. We're gonna go to the park every single day she can sniff until her heart’s content," Schneider said.

For information on the Humane Society call 314-647-4400.