You Paid For It: Illinois Legislators Pay

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SPRINGFIELD, IL. (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team catches up with senate leaders of the Illinois Legislature after months and months of trying.  I question them about whether they think they're $68,000 Pay should be slashed and I also question Governor Pat Quinn about legislators pay.

The Governor has been leading the charge to hike taxes and slash all sorts of state programs. I wanted to know was he going to lead the charge on this deal.  Illinois has the 4th highest paid Legislature in the United States, and it has one of the worst budget problems.

The Illinois House of Representatives last year introduce a measure to cut legislators pay by 10 percent but the measure died in the Senate.

Since Legislators are looking at slashing pensions for workers and Okayed one of the state’s biggest tax hikes ever; they should be more than willing to look at their own pay.

Generally all the states with high paid legislators are the worst run states with the biggest budget battles.

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