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McDonald’s Parfait Thief Caught on Tape; Arrested Outside Same Store

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Evansville, IN. (CNN) - From golden arches to iron bars.  An Indiana man accused of an alleged hamburglary fail.  Police say he intended to rob a fast food restaurant for money... But his consolation prize still got him in trouble.
Brandon Bartlett has the details
Move over hamburglar... There's a new grimace in town... And his crime... Caught on tape...
Ha.. Ha...ha .. That's so crazy.
Customers are taking about this surveillance video... That shows a man walking into McDonald’s and heading straight for one of the cash registers. He fumbles around with it... But when it won't budge -- he changes his order and instead...
"Loads up an arm full of the yogurt parfaits and heads for the door."
That's right... No golden nuggets... Only 5-dollars worth of yogurt. But this sweet story doesn't end here. When police watched this surveillance video -- one of the officers recognized the man. And were even more shocked when they say they looked outside -- and saw -- the man -- walking right in front of the restaurant again -- covered in evidence.
"He still had some glass from when he had broken the door to get in on him.
Police say this man -- Christopher McGlauflin -- is behind the great mc-yogurt heist. He now faces several charges for running off with the fast food.
"If you're going to get the charge for breaking in you might as well get something out of it."
"We’ve seen a little bit of everything... It's a crime but it was still kind of amusing for the officers that were involved."
"Now he's in jail for yogurt -- that's silly!"
Police booked McGlauflin on the charges of burglary, theft, and criminal mischief.