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Local Health Department Urging Whooping Cough Precautions

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- Local health departments are urging parents to take precautions as their kids head back to school. As the number of whooping cough cases continue to grow local health officials are hoping to get as many people immunized as possible.

School like Francis Howell who started school on Wednesday says they haven`t seen any cases, however, they do have procedures in place.  Health officials say groups at the highest risk are infants, kids 10 to 17 and the elderly. Lisa Winkler says she wants to make sure her baby is safe.

"My grandma got it she was 75 she had a deep cough a cough you don`t want your baby to get," said Winkler.

"Some choose not to because of religious reasons but they have to come to the office and have it signed off on by a nurse and they cannot attend school," said Shelley Reynolds of the St. Charles County Health Department.

So far St. Charles has seen 19 cases since June and were told the immunization does not guarantee you won`t get whooping cough, but it reduce the chances and symptoms.

There have been a total of 164 whooping cough cases in St. Louis County so far this year.