Sikh’s In St. Peters Hold Vigil For Wisconsin Shooting Victims

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ST. PETERS, MO. (KTVI) -    In St. Peters members of the Sikh religion gathered together Wednesday night to pray for the dead and injured and the families of the victims from the Sikh Temple shooting outside of Milwaukee.

They lit hundreds of candles outside the house of worship and sang.  Before the Wisconsin shootings some of the members already had plans to travel to the Milwaukee temple in just a few weeks for a spiritual gather, now that is on hold.

Besides praying members also want fellow citizens to know they are like other religions and they are a part of the fabric of America.   Lucky Singh a Sikh said, “We are Sikhs and we are Americans the main philosophy in Sikhism is there’s one God and love everyone that’s it.”

Deepa Jaswal, also a Sikh added, “The Sikhs are in the media right now I think it’s good to let people know we are a peace loving people and we don’t want any harm we are not asking for anyone to be hurt we just want to be able to worship the way we worship.”

A St. Peters’ alderman represented the city.  A police officer was also on hand to let everyone know if they have problems to just call authorities. Police patrols have been increased in the area.  Over the years the Sikhs said they’ve had no major problems at their temple in St. Peters.  Many said they are not worried about their safety here in the St. Louis area.