Cooler Temps Bringing More People Outside

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The break in the ongoing heat wave has people celebrating in the Central West End where folks are dining outside again, like Mattie Sanders, “Awesome, it’s great not sweltering being very comfortable enjoying the breeze.”

The Coffee Cartel has been hurt by the broiling weather.  When temperatures soared above 100 degrees sales dropped by as much as 40 percent.  That’s why the owner, Dennis Gorg, is happy that it has turned cooler. Gorg said, “We’re very excited summer business we count on people coming out to have a good time.”  He added, “Good weather means great money.”

Good weather caused a flood of folks to fill Forest Park.  It seemed almost everyone had the same idea today:  Let’s go to the zoo.  The parking lots were filled long before noon.  Traffic  jammed on streets in Forest Park.  Drivers who found a place to park had to walk quite a distance to get to the zoo.

Zoo officials say even when it the summer sizzled people still turned out in droves.  They believe the bad economy may be one reason, the zoo is free.  Plus, the zoo recently opened the new sea lion exhibit.