Bridgeton Church Building Complete After Storm Renovations

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)- It’s a day that left many devastated and buildings torn apart. The Good Friday Tornado of 2011 ripped through Bridgeton and left the Gateway Church of the Nazarene and nearby homes in shreds. However, that didn't stop the church from rebuilding.  On Saturday, Gateway re-opened its doors to the community hosting a block party to let everyone know this house of worship is up and running.

"We're celebrating the coming back into our building. It’s been 478 days since April 22nd of last year when the tornado hit and we're very excited …3.1 million dollars in renovations" said Gateway Pastor Stan Hall

"Our church was still together no matter where we were meeting but it nice to just be here back in the building; have a place where we can do ministry." said parishioner Rodney Campbell.

Pastor Hall says the church used the $3 million to fix everything from the sanctuary, to the gym, to the floors. All of the upgrades and repairs were completed with only a $1,000 dollar deductible. A blessing the church's 300 parishioners are happy to accept.

"Brand new flooring, paint the whole building inside and out, get a brand new roof, ac units, just all kinds of wonderful things we wouldn't have been able to do before, “ said Hall.

As worshipers old and new make their way through the doors of the revitalized church, Pastor Hall says they can be sure that it will be in the community of Bridgeton for many years to come.

"It's all us serving the community today,” Hall said.

Services are set for 10:45am Sunday morning at 11703 old St. Charles Rock Road.