Orphan Lamb Adopted By Dalmatian

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(KTVI)-An Australian orphan lamb has been adopted by an unexpected mother. Zoë , the Dalmatian, isn't showing any sheepishness about her mothering instincts after discovering the baby lamb.  The lamb is being  bottle-fed by Zoë’s breeder, but, otherwise,  the Dalmatian is still on full-time mommy duty.

John Bolton, the lamb's owner,  says, “We're not quite sure what we should call it, whether to call it a 'sheep-matian' or a 'dal-dorper' or something like that. But you know it doesn't matter how old you get if this sort of thing doesn't make you feel good when you see it, then, well I hope never to get that old.”

Bolton says the lamb's mother rejected it after it was born.