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Several Guns Confiscated In Velda City Drug Raid

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VELDA CITY, MO (KTVI)-- A big cache of weapons was confiscated in a drug raid in a small town in north St. Louis County.  The home raided by Velda City Police and the St. Louis County Tactical Unit is located just down the street from the police department. Velda City Police Chief Daniel Paulino said, “Were happy we got guns off the street.”

The raid took place Tuesday afternoon in the 3100 block of Lucas and Hunt. Paulino said, “It’s a big deal here in Velda City with all these number of guns out , we’re just glad that we’re able to take 14 guns off  the street.”

Pamela Anderson lives in the area, “I’m just glad they got them off the street, there’s too many guns anyway in a neighborhood like that you’re supposed to be safe in your neighborhood anyway. I think police did an awesome job.”

At least three of the guns were stolen, maybe more.  Among the weapons: a sawed off rifle, a Mac 10, an antique pistol, a hunting knife and a .44 Magnum that would make any cop nervous when it’s in the hands of a criminal. Paulino added, “ Very powerful  handgun that’s one of the weapons most officers fear cause our vest can only take so much penetration from a bullet and a .44 is obviously one of those that’s pretty strong.”

Crack cocaine, hundreds of dollars in cash and jewelry were also recovered, so was a stolen retired police officer’s bad that could be used by someone to impersonate an officer.

The chief said the two suspects also had a police scanner, “They have the scanner to listen to see if we’re going to their house they can stash things or runaway or whatever they need to do.”

Charlene Jordan lives near the home that was raided, “ I do care because I live in the neighborhood and we want it to be peaceful.”

Police said one of the suspects  was already on probation for a weapons charge.  The chief estimate the two men were selling a couple thousand dollars worth of crack cocaine each week.

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