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Cahokia Athletes Caught In Cross Hairs Of District Contract Negotiations

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CAHOKIA, IL. (KTVI) - The Cahokia teacher's union and board of education failed to reach a contract settlement Thursday, delaying the start of school two weeks. So what does this mean for the fall sports teams?

Despite the delay in the start of school, the football season will begin in one week. The Comanche varsity football team held practice Friday to prepare for the first game of a season that could end abruptly  if a settlement with the teachers union is not reached.

Cahokia fall sports are allowed to practice and play all games as scheduled while the delayed teacher contract negotiations are worked out.

But in the event that the teacher's union and the school board cannot reach an agreement, and an official impasse and work stoppage is declared, then all sports must cease, and any games scheduled during the strike will be forfeited by Cahokia high school.

That’s a hard pill for these senior student athletes to swallow, especially because they are the powerless ones in this situation.

A strike cannot legally occur for at least four weeks, which means Cahokia’s football team will play their first three games of the season, regardless of the outcome.

They open their season at O’Fallon, IL.

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