Pictures – Drought Reveals Sunken Steam Ship

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – The drought of 2012 has dropped area rivers to near record lows, and,  with the water falling, little pieces of history are peeking above the surface.  At least five wrecked steam ships have made permanent homes along the shorelines between St. Charles and Bridgeton along the Missouri River, and one of them was the largest vessel ever to sail through.

The Montana was a steam boat built in 1882.  She was longer than a football field according to Dr. Steve Dasovich, a Lindenwood University archaeologist who took part in an underwater survey of the ship back in 2002.  

She struck a tree that was below the surface in 1884 and was piloted aground.  There she’s sat since then, a period of 128 years.

Video: The Steamboat Montana Resurfaces In The Missouri River