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Man Attacked by Chimps Recovering At SLU Hospital

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - We are learning new information on the condition of a St. Louis native who was nearly killed after he was attacked by two chimpanzees in South Africa in June.

Andrew Oberle, 26, was transferred from a hospital in South Africa to SLU Hospital about ten days ago.

"He`s done remarkably well and he`s got a very strong spirit," said Dr. Bruce Kraemer, the Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at SLU Hospital.

Kraemer is Oberle`s doctor.

Oberle was attacked by two chimpanzees while he was leading a tour at the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa on June 28th.

The Institute is basically a chimp sanctuary.

Oberle apparently stepped into a restricted area when the incident happened. He suffered many critical injuries.

But Kraemer would not release many details.

"He`s had injuries to all parts of his body. There`s been some miscellaneous reports about things that aren`t true necessarily. And so at the family`s request we don`t want to enumerate specific injuries but just he`s had devastating injuries to arms and legs. But they are there," said Kraemer.

Oberle`s mother, Mary Flint, only read a statement and took no questions.

"On behalf of Andrew I extend many thanks to Doctor Bruce Kraemer, doctor Dan Naughton, and all the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at St. Louis university hospital for providing excellent care. We also want to thank our family and friends and all the wonderful people from all over the world who have kept Andy and all of us in their prayers and for helping with donations for his care," read Flint from the statement.

Kraemer says most all of Oberle`s wounds have closed and that being back home close to family should help in his recovery.

Kraemer tells us they are using the latest in reconstructive and regenerative techniques to treat him.

"He`s been saved. What is God`s plan for him at this point. He obviously helped him to this point. Where is it going forward and we don`t know," said Kraemer.

Kraemer says Oberle will have some limitations going forward and that the road to recovery will be challenging.

If you want to help the Oberle with things like medical expenses, log on to our website and we will link you to a website for Andrew Oberle.


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