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FOX Files: Hit & Run Suspect May Be A Cop

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Police are looking for a hit and run suspect who nearly killed an off duty police officer.  Fox 2's Chris Hayes found out the suspect could be another cop.

It happened Tuesday August 14th - Lucas & Hunt at the I-70 West bound ramp.  Officer Cliff Moellering was riding his motorcycle, off duty.

Moellering said, "I started my lean into the corner and I heard a car coming up behind me very very fast."  He said it looked like a standard unmarked police car with "lights and sirens. Lights in the grill, lights in the upper part of the windshield, typical highway package.  The spotlight came on.  Then one second, two seconds at the most, I was right about here where the white car is.  It nailed me."

After Officer Moellering was hit, his bike landed near the onramp.  He continued flying another 20 feet into the grass.  He doesn`t know how long he was out before first responders arrived, but it could've been more than an hour.

Moellering said, "I woke up remembering, why is my face all wet?  I put my hand up to my face and I didn`t have a face.  The doctor said I was the luckiest (person) he`s ever seen.  I have internal bruising, but nothing`s broken."

Police are looking for a dark colored Dodge Charger with lights in the grill, lights in the window and a spotlight.  It would likely have damage to the driver`s side fender or headlight and it may have green paint scrapes from Officer Moellering`s motorcycle.

The vehicle description matches many North County police department unmarked cars.  Moellering`s Chief, Pine Lawn`s Rickey Collins explained.  Collins said, "We even have cars that are similar to the description. We checked our cars.  We went locally and checked some other cars. We were looking for damage and hoping to assist St. Louis County in their investigation."

Moellering added, "If you`re a police officer and you`re scared about it, I understand that, but your Chief will find out sooner or later.  And if he finds out himself, you`re really going to be in a mess."

St. Louis County is looking for this car and also looking into the possibility this is not a police officer, but an impersonator.  If you have any information, call County Police.  We`ll keep you updated on the investigation.

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