The Jaco Report: August 26, 2012

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(KTVI)-Programming Note: Senator Claire McCaskill, the Democratic incumbent in Missouri, had been scheduled to join Charles Jaco this week.  McCaskill's office cancelled that interview saying there was a scheduling conflict. We hope to re-schedule the interview with senator McCaskill in the near future.

Some of current Congressman and Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin's comments on the August 19 edition of the Jaco Report touched off a national firestorm.  It also launched a major effort by the Republican Party to get akin off the ballot.  Charles asked Rep. Akin about whether a woman had a right to have an abortion in case of rape. He famously answered that a woman's body has a way of shutting itself down and preventing pregnancy in the case of “legitimate rape”.

Akin became a target for Democrats and for Republicans. G.O.P Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Vice Presidential nominee congressman Paul Ryan both asked Akin to quit the Senate race. The Republican Senatorial Campaign committee says it won't give Akin any money. Karl Rove's Crossroad Super-Political Action Committee pulled all of its anti-Claire McCaskill TV ads out of Missouri. Former Republican Missouri senators John Ashcroft, John Danforth, and Jim Talent have asked Akin to drop out. Akin refuses despite his comments threatening to overshadow the Republican National Convention, which open Monday in Tampa, FL.

Joining us on today's program is one of the people who thinks Akin should leave, John Danforth, former Missouri Attorney General, former United States Senator, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.