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DVD Tuesday – Battleship Is Worth Renting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It was supposed to be a big blockbuster this year, instead it bombed. I'm talking about "Battleship".  The movie is loosely based on the game we loved when we were kids.

This is a big, epic action-adventure that's got the hot guy, Taylor Kitsch, the hot girl, Brooklyn Decker, the seasoned star, Liam Neeson, and the newcomer, pop-star Rihanna. It seemed like a can't miss, but it did in a major way. But you know what, this isn't a bad movie. There's some bad acting, but the effects are good.  I would still recommend "Battleship" for a DVD rental.

St. Louis native Kevin Kline has a new movie out today. He plays a very self-absorbed husband who loses the family dog in "Darling Companion".  This story may be about a missing dog, but it's also about so much more. An unhappy marraige that comes to a head as they try to find their four-legged friend. It is a very emotional and touching movie.

Feel like a love story?  Date night at home, snuggle up to your loved one and hope to get lucky with "the lucky one".  Based on the Nicolas Sparks best seller, "The Lucky One" stars Zac Efron. He plays an Iraq War veteran searching for the mysterious woman in the picture a photograph he found that became his good luck charm. Predictable, but oh so romantic.