You Paid For It – Parkway Superintendent Pay Raise

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Parkway SchoolDistrict has faced some lean times.  They have been forced to slash  millions from the budget. That meant cutting  positions and taking an ax to expenses. But one person not feeling the pay pinch is Parkway Superintendent Keith Marty.  He's already the highest paid person in the school district and now the school board has voted to give him a $7,000 raise.  I caught up with Parkway School Board President Beth Feldman.

"Why does it makes sense giving a $7,000 raise  when you're having to cut back eslewhere?" said Elliott Davis.

"We think Dr. Marty is an investment in our kids future!" said Beth Feldman.

It's not like  Superintendent Marty  wasn't being well paid. His salary before the raise was $220,000 a year.  It's now boosted to $227,000 in these tough times for school districts.

NOt all school districts think you should pay more for superintendents. The Ladue School District is one of them.  They paid their former superintendent $202,000.  your new Ladue Superintendent gets less.  They promoted an Assistant Superintendent and paid her $190,000 to run the district that incompasses one of the wealthiest areas in St. Louis county.

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