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The Search For St. Louis’ Perfect ‘Stache

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Search no further than Blueberry HIll if you're looking for a good mustache. Danny Hill turns heads with his facial hair.

"I just kind of let it go anf do its thing I don't do trimming in the center I do trimming on the sides wash everyday and watch the day that's basically it." said Danny Hill.

He has a lot in common with his boss when it comes to upper lips.

"It's just a Samson syndrome I think; The hair the mustache and beard, the muscles." said Joe Edwards.

Actually edwards is kidding, but he is successful in business, much like the Rams' head coach Jeff Fisher is in football. They both have mustaches.

Whether by choice or by chance, one thing is certain; Having a mustache changes the way people look at you. Just ask Danny Hill.

"I get talked to a lot more. Just good conversations, it's a conversation starter." said Danny Hill.

Especially when your upper lip does all the talking.

Patrick Clark, News 11.