Video Shows St. Louis Attorney Buying Possible Bomb Materials

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A new civil lawsuit accuses attorney Mark Bates of setting off two bombs at a South St. Louis home in October 2010.  The suit includes a rare look at possible criminal evidence from an ongoing federal investigation.

Chris Hayes reveals how the man remains free even though Federal Agents know who he is.

The surveillance video appears to catch the lawyer red handed.  It was gathered as part of a possible criminal investigation by the Bureau of ATF.  Though we've seen no "on the record" action by the Feds, the bombing victims cannot wait a minute longer in order to protect themselves.

Two pipe bombs exploded October 1, 2010 at the South St. Louis home of Beth and Darin Boggs.  After the first bomb exploded, the couple woke up to hear a second concussion.  The blasts broke windows and burned the back of their house.

A new civil suit accuses their former law partner, Mark Bates.  Part of the civil filing includes surveillance of him reportedly buying the materials used in the blasts.  The video shows Bates walk into the Ferguson, MO Home Depot and leave just minutes later with what`s documented as two cans of lacquer thinner, a pipe and end caps.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms pulled the surveillance.  According to the time stamp on the video, Bates bought the materials September 24th, 2010.

Clues about this case have been slipping out as the bombing victims have asked for protection.  Last year Bates refused to answer a Judge who asked if he was involved in the bombing or whether he drove by the Bates home before the blasts.  Bates continued his silence when I asked him, "If you weren`t involved, why didn`t you just tell the Court you weren`t involved?"  Bates walked away.

This latest civil suit says animosity began when the Clayton law firm reportedly caught Bates forging documents and stealing.  We tried getting a Bates' response despite his past silence.  His latest law firm told us he left a month ago.  At his Kirkwood, MO home, no one answered.

The victim`s attorney is Rebecca Randles out of Kansas City, MO who told us, "Our clients have lived in fear.  They've had to hire security for their law firm.  They've had to be extraordinarily careful with regard to where they've gone & what they've done.  And placing this firmly in the public eye provides them with a modicum of safety."

The lawsuit not only points a finger at Mark Bates, it also suggests another unknown accomplice.  Randles explains how they're looking for possible co-conspirators based on everything that happened October 1, 2010.  She said, "..such as the complexity of the plan and B, there were two bombs that were remotely executed and some other investigative information that we can't reveal."

The former firm was called Boggs, Boggs and Bates, where another attorney died a mysterious death in 2006.  57-year-old Ernest Brasier was found dead in a third floor office on December 19th of that year.  It appeared that he'd died of a heart attack until the medical examiner found a tiny bullet hole in the back of his head.

It`s rare to see criminal evidence, like this Home Depot video, that could be part of an ongoing federal investigation.  It`s coming out now because the statute of limitations on a civil suit expires at the end of this month.  Federal agents have much longer to build their case.

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