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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) - The sudden disappearance of a Jefferson County business angers some artsy consumers.  A company known for its quality work, gets paid but fails to produce custom designed scrapbooks.  This is not a picture perfect experience for several customers.   Custom album covers offer a touch of class to those treasured memories.  So customers are asking: What happened to  Goldstamp Custom Albums.?   Kathy Carr lives in Moline, Illinois.  She often attends scrapbook conventions.   Since 2002 she's used Goldstamp custom albums to emboss lettering on the spine of a few of her scrapbooks.   

She placed another order this past July, and it hasn`t been filled.   She can`t reach them by phone either.   She says she`s upset about that.   'Oh I was just sick....sick to my stomach over it. My husband told me I can make my own spines.  But no, it wouldn`t be the same.  I want all my books on my shelf to look the same. '

The way it works, you send only the spine to the company.   They emboss the information and then send the spine back for the customer to re-attach to the album.   Carr`s order was for 14 album spines. There's no record of a bankruptcy filing.  And the Better Business Bureau hasn't had much luck getting answers either.  They`ve given the company an 'F' rating.  Chris Thetford of the BBB says the company had a stellar reputation.  'We don`t know what`s going on.  A company that had pleased customers, in the past.  All of a sudden we`re hearing, from consumers from across the United States that the company is having problems.'
Kathy says she`s fortunate in some ways.  'My credit card was not charged for the $238.00 printing fee.  So I think I`m one of the lucky ones, I`m just out of my spines.'  

Kathy says organizing and saving family memories is important.  'Most of us, including myself are doing it for many reasons.  We want to preserve our memories for our children and their children.  And then its also artistic relief for me. '

We encourage consumers to contact the better business bureau if you have a complaint about this company.   And keep in mind you have more protection if you make purchases with a credit card.  If the company goes out of business you can dispute the transaction.

Call us with your consumer issues.  The number is 1800 782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm.