Pay It Forward: Samantha Fisher

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - Tonight our pay it forward award goes to the woman who runs a Saint Louis organization called Play It Forward.  She wants to get instruments in these kids’ hands and make a difference.  Samantha Fisher has been doing just that for several years.

She founded Play It Forward, an organization that puts musical instruments into underprivileged schools in the Saint Louis area.

Brett Phelps is a good friend.

What Sam did is she said i have to make sure we have future generations of musicians and people who continue to play.

To do that, Sam recruits volunteers and friends in Saint Louis' music scene, anyone who has a love of music and wants to help kids at the same time.

It`s not about Sam, she`s not one of those me, me, me people. She`s always trying to give and do for other people.

Now Brett is doing the same thing for Sam, nominating her for our Pay It Forward award.

Brett, thanks so much for the nomination. On behalf of FOX2 and AEM I’d like to PIF, if you hold out your hand I will count out 1, 2,3 ,4, 5 hundred dollars.  Pay It Forward.  Thank you very much.

We surprise Samantha at the Broadway Oyster Bar, where she works full-time.

On behalf of FOX2 and Pay It Forward and American Equity Mortgage, I want to give you five hundred dollars for play it forward.  Thank you!

Samantha talks about the early days of Play It Forward--it started because of an undeniable need.

Like a lot of people i understand that budgets have been cut, funding is not available, schools cannot provide it, parents can`t provide it.

But many other people can provide musical instruments to schools.  All you have to do is look around your house.

The mission became let`s get them out of your homes,  out of the basement, closet and garage dust them off, clean them up a little bit and put them back into the music programs in schools.

And that's where they make the biggest difference, Playing It Forward.

If you'd like to nominate someone like Samantha for our Pay It Forward, do so online, at