Absentee, registration; Election Board Beginning To Buzz

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day, an event being promoted  by groups across the political spectrum.  But in the city of St. Louis, they say interest in registering is hardly going to be limited to a single day.

The registration forms were already pouring into the Board of Election Commissioner’s office Downtown.  And Gary Stoff says he anticipates plenty more activity as groups flood different areas of the city trying to get voters signed up before the October 10th deadline.

“They’re conducting voter registration drives in their neighborhoods,” Stoff said,  “knocking on doors, all of which is wonderful, so we encourage that and encourage them as they do that not to hold on to them too long and get them in because it takes a while to process.”

Voter registration day also marked the first day of absentee voting in Missouri.  Voters here are required to have a legitimate reason, being out of town, for example, to vote absentee.  It’s different from Illinois where early voting is allowed.

Another thing to note is the issue of various state voting ID laws that have become a topic in the election. Missouri does require some form of identification at the polls, but DOES NOT REQUIRE PHOTO ID.  Stoff says Missouri’s requirements are easy to meet, and very few people are turned away at the polls.

“Typically no, and it is absolutely clear so viewers and listeners understand you do not need a photo id in the state of Missouri,” he said.