Tornado Touched Down Near Okawville, Illinois

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)--  A firefighter says he took video of a tornado, just after it had touched down right where we saw a tractor tractor knocked over on eastbound Interstate 64 near Highway 177 in Okawville. 

Around the same time, hail shattered the back window of a car as a woman drove down the interstate. 

Cody Mangan, a worker at the truck stop at the 177 exit, took more photos of the twister.

Trees came down around the home of 92-year-old Loretta Frederking. A limb pierced her garage roof as she and her daughter took cover in the closet. 

Two storage barns came down at nearby farms, scattering debris across the highway.

And in the new subdivision near the golf course in Okawville someone’s dream home under construction wiped out just off the interstate where that tractor trailer was blown over.

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