Dry Summer Brings Weaker Tree Limbs During Storms

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- You can blame it on the drought.  Area trees could be more susceptible to a storm this year because so many limbs are ready to snap off.

The owner of Hansen`s Tree Service has a prediction.

'Should we get an ice storm later this fall it will be devastating for this area,' said Jeff Hansen.

He said there are warning signs when a tree is in trouble.

'If it doesn`t have leaves this time of the year, that`s something to be watching,' Hansen said.  This year he sees leaves dropping 2-3 weeks sooner than normal.

Burt Biermann has more than a dozen trees in his St. Peters yard.

'I can tell just by looking at my trees out here that they have suffered.'

He said without proper attention those dead limbs could do significant damage.

Biermann`s other concern is the look of the leaves.

'I was more afraid about whether they were going to dry out before the normal fall color change,' wondered Biermann.

KPLR-11 Chief Meteorologist John Fuller says the leaves turning early will have a more muted color than usual.  He predicts the brighter colors will come from trees such as oaks that turn later in the fall.

Fuller says on a scale of 1-10, this year`s fall color display should rank around a 5.