Fans React To NFL Replacement Refs

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- As the NFL football season progresses and the replacement refs mess up more calls fans have gone from simmer to boil.  It was the hot topic on sports talk radio stations across the country.  The phone lines were lighting up at 101 ESPN.
Superbowl  champion D`Marco Farr knows one blown call can have a ripple effect on the entire season.

Farr said, "It`s going to affect the N.F.C. West playoff race who`s going to be crowned champion is going to have a lot to do with this game."

He said if the Rams/Redskins game was not one of the worst officiated game then last night`s Redskins/Seahawks debacle takes the cake.

Farr said, "This is insane it really is I think they really underestimated how bad of a job these guys were going to do."

St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz has covered the NFL for three decades, "It`s endangering player safety, it`s putting coaches at risk, people are going to lose games, coaches are going to get fired.  It`s going to prevent teams perhaps from making the playoffs. The consequence are huge because the NFL won`t protect the integrity of its competition."

He said fans are powerless to do anything because the NFL continues to rake in millions of dollars.  The only hope he said is if team owners lay awake at night thinking about the biggest game of the year, the Superbowl and if replacement refs mess up that game, "You would hope if nothing else that would sober them up because they`re so drunk on power right now."

Miklasz doubts a boycott by fans would work he says Americans are addicted to NFL football.

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