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Cardinals Fans Find Ways To Watch NLDS Game 3

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- Cardinal fans were multi-tasking Wednesday afternoon.  They were keeping up with their work at their job and keeping up with the Cardinal game at the same time. 

At Wilco Molding employees were listening to and watching the game.  Melissa Vasseur is a Wilco worker, "Keep it on in the background you might hear some cheering then you turn over to it real quick and then go back to your work."

Company owner Doris Williams allows employees to listen, she was permitted to do the same back in the 1940`s at her first job at Central Hardware.  Williams said, "The owner`s son is the one who had the radio on he would let everyone know what was going on it was exciting."

The company`s conference room turned into a man cave of sorts as folks watched.  Jerry Casey works at Wilco, "It`s really nice that the boss let us watch it I`m not complaining at all."

At Pro-Fit Personal Training the televisions were all tuned to the Redbirds.  Person trainer Brandan Cadwallader says watching the game can make a hard workout easier, "Keeps them focused on that so not only are they burning the calories that they would be normally they got the t.v. there to keep their minds off the burning."

The game was also loud and clear at Waterway carwash. Customers could pass the score along to the workers who were cleaning their cars.