Metro’s Most Wanted: Serial Rapist, Burglars

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A rapist in St. Louis County who doesn't want police to know his whereabouts and a two man crime spree caught on surveillance pictures.

St. Louis County police want to know where to find him. His name is Bryant Blair and he has a disturbing violent sexual history.

Blair has been convicted on charges of first degree rape and has not registered as a sex offender through St. Louis County.  You'll know Blair if you see him. 

His tattoo is hard to miss, a necklace of clover and under the greenery the words crazy white boy. Apparently he has a meth problem as well and is wanted on possession charges as well.

And county police are also looking to find two guys.  They're wanted for a burglary at a 7-11 at Page and Lindbergh.  And it's not just this one case police want to talk with them about.  These two are also considered suspects in a series of criminal cases in the area. Police need to know who they are. Take a good look and if you have a name or any information contact St. Louis County police or crime stoppers at 1-866-317-TIPS.

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